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We are now accepting applications for Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Researchers. 

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The Corder Lab @ Penn will provide a dynamic research environment with exceptional resources for training in basic and translational neuroscience. Together, we will design studies that allow you to incorporate your research expertise, and to acquire the tangible and intangible skills necessary for your desired career path. You can expect that I will do all I can to make our new group an exciting, fair, and rewarding place to further your career. 

Postdoctoral Fellows

Innovative behavioral modeling and the analysis of neural computations lie at the core of all Corder Lab projects. Specifically, our lab is developing sophisticated translational models of pain in combination with high-throughput machine learning statistical approaches for large-scale neural imaging data. Our research program will pursue the identification of the basic neural building blocks of pain perception, deconstructing their functional and anatomical integration with motivational and cognitive brain networks, and finally, decoding how neural pain information evolves after injury, with the goal of developing new strategies to treat chronic pain and opioid abuse.

Training opportunities include

  • in vivo Calcium imaging + optogenetics in behaving animals

  • Optogenetic-guided slice electrophysiology

  • Whole-brain neuroanatomy using tissue clearing and light-sheet microscopy

  • Development of novel rodent behavioral assays

We also encourage applications from candidates with electrical or biomedical engineering backgrounds who are interested in the crossroads of neuroscience and engineering to uncover how brain circuits excel at extracting information from our senses. Experience in MatLab / Python / R / Linux / TensorFlow or other deep learning platforms are needed.

Interested candidates please email a cover letter that briefly details career goals and prior research experience, along with your CV, and the names and emails of three references. Please include a link to your Github profile, if available.

Penn Graduate Students

Penn graduate students should contact Dr. Corder by email ( to discuss rotation opportunities. Prospective graduate students should consider the graduate programs in Neurosciences or Pharmacology or Bioengineering.

Penn Undergraduates

Highly motivated undergraduate students that are interested in gaining lab experience and assisting with cutting-edge neuroscience projects can contact us using the form below. We ask that you send a brief statement detailing prior research experience, your scientific or medical interests, and your weekly availability during the semester and/or summer sessions. 

if you just want to say hello!

If you would like to chat about opportunities in the Corder Lab please feel free to contact us now! 

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